Solar Panel Permits


Solution to solar panel permitting.

Alliance Permitting Services expedites permits for PV Panels systems quickly, efficiently and correctly (the first time).
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Also known as PV Panels (Photo-Voltaic), these modules are the front-line workers for renewable resource. Residential panels consist of an average 60 solar cells. Commercial PV panels consist of 72 solar cells. The cells are what capture and convert sunlight to electrical energy.



By making a move to renewable resource you’ll save money and reduce waste to the environment. Let this simple tool change life and business. Let Alliance Permitting Services help guide and expedite your PV System install for residential or commercial properties.

How To Install Solar Panels

Florida and sunshine go hand in hand. It is what makes Florida a desirable place to live and vacation. And increasingly, more Florida homeowner's are catching on to the solar panel fervor. Check out the

Permitting Your Projets

We take on the entire permitting process, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of the project.