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Residential Permits

Solution for residential permitting.

Alliance Permitting Services expedites permits for homeowners quickly, efficiently and correctly (the first time).
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Home Permits

Can Homeowners pull permits for their homes?

In Florida the law requires that permits must be issued to licensed contractors. However, there is an exception to this law.

Home owners are allowed to obtain their own permits if they occupy a property for their own use. What does not qualify are: properties that are for sale, lease, rent or occupied by people other than the owners, this includes properties owned as investments. Mobile home move-on permits can only be issued to licensed mobile home installation contractors.

Alliance Permitting can help with your permitting needs.

Roof Permits

Updating your roof? Adding an upgrade? Need to make repairs (depends on the repairs - contact us)? Roofing for homes is pretty much essential just like permits are when you work on them. Contact Alliance Permitting to help solve the permit maze for roofs.

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Are You A Homeowner?

Although we only process permits, we have some advice for you on how to choose the right contractor for your home project. Then! we can help process the necessary permits for your contractor.