Permit Servicing and Management

Outsource Your Permits and Get More Done.

There is already a bunch on your plate. Your company doesn’t have the time to efficiently wait to process permits or wait around to receive approval. Other tasks need to be accomplished before the deadline date.

There should be a company that can handle all these building, electrical, construction permits. There is.

Alliance Permitting Services handles the legwork for you. Offering a variety of permitting services to help you stay in-budget and on-time.

Our permit services’ goal is to provide a reliable and effective solution for your company. We can handle your all your permit needs across the state of Florida for different sectors of the construction and energy industry (e.g., building, electrical, HVAC, Roofing, Solar, etc.). We’ve handled permits local construction companies to global franchises.

Though, if you still need more convincing on what a permit management company can do for your business. See below.

What is a Permit Management company?

Essentially, a permit management services like Alliance Permitting Services is a company that handles permits for the construction, retail, energy and residential sectors. Our twenty year experience has equipped us with the knowledge and expertise to pull one to hundreds of permits for contractors or enterprises efficiently. Our knowledge in Florida jurisdictions have provided Alliance Permitting Services to pull permits quickly without having our clients wait for long periods of time and to consistently keep them under budget.

A permit management team handles ALL the permitting paperwork a project will need; gathering authorizations, submitting applications, following the permit through the approval process, handling necessary corrections, and shipping the approved permit to location or job site. We also archive your permits – in case you need to show proof of permit approval or have misplaced your permit.

Permit Expediting Services

Permit expediting cuts the permit processing time to virtually half. Alliance Permit Services’ relationships with Florida jurisdictions and our expert permitting staff about city planning departments, we can effectively complete permits for building, energy, HVAC, Corporate franchising and residential construction sectors. Our expediting services include storage for plans and drawings – perfect for companies that need permitting for multiple sites.

Online Permit Submissions

The current growing trend is everything virtual (online), even more now in the building industry sectors. Online permitting is becoming mainstream with various municipalities. Online permitting helps expedite permit approvals and saves time. Though, there is a learning curve involving the tech, the training and the time spent on this project. Alliance Permitting Services is fully aware of online submission platforms, we have an expert staff trained to deal with the niche technological requirements and are certified to work in various cities to handle the process for you.


Permitting Your Projets

We take on the entire permitting process, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of the project.