Retail Permit Service

Alliance Permitting Services have been helping Florida retailers for over 15 years to help remodel and expand their retail business in a timely manner all the while following client’s budget.

Expediting the Retail Permit Process

As a permit processor, we expedite our clients’ permits and licenses. From inception to end, we are with you along the way. Gathering necessary information, tracking permits and licenses and consulting with contractors.

Process for obtaining retail permits:

Due Diligence – essentially we gather all pertinent information on each project. Each project differs and due diligence is the bedrock to move the retail building permit process move along swiftly. Without correctly gathering the information, this will conflict with forecasted timeline.

Pre-submittal Services – Pre-submittal Review involves a thorough look into what is needed for the project; from project viability, major requirements, fees, timeframes, and overall processing issues before filing an application, preparing detailed plans, and committing other time and resources. We handle this for our clients in a timely manner to help ensure project completion.

Monitor the project with up-to-date status on retail permits.

If corrections are needed or once we hit “ready to issue” status, our clients will be notified. Once completed we’ll send our clients an organized dossier of the documents for your retail building project.

Permitting Your Projets

We take on the entire permitting process, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of the project.