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New Circle K Gas Station In Development

What was once a site to sell cars is now going to be serving them. Jacksonville is reviewing a demolition permit for a former auto dealership in Arlington at northwest Atlantic and Southside boulevard for construction of a Circle K store.
What Going On at Southside
A new Circle K with a gas station will spring up at 100 Southside Blvd.  The application shows that contractor W.H. Bass Inc. of Duluth, Georgia, will clear the Regency area site at a cost of $117,000. The area is a 2.87-acre lot of the 5.09-acre site.

Currently, there is no tenant is shown on the lot, but there is a sign along the property for Camel Premium Express Car Wash.

The site, also addressed at 9201 Atlantic Blvd., was long used by Coggin Pontiac.

History of the Construction Site 

In 2011, City utility JEA bought the parcel for $3.24 million – for maintenance work, construction and pipeline installation and to stage equipment for area work.

In May 2020, the JEA proposed to sell the property to Circle K Stores Inc., the Tempe, Arizona-based international convenience store chain.

In May 2021, Circle K Stores Inc. paid JEA $3.15 million for the property, which proposed a $2.1 million convenience store and gas station at the site. This is the basic construction estimate and not the total development.

The city is in the process of reviewing multiple permit applications for the convenience store and its trash enclosure. Individually, a fuel canopy will be permitted.

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