About Us

Alliance Permitting provides expert permitting services in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Utah and North & South Carolina locations. By assisting in permitting, licensing, zoning and code compliance, Alliance Permitting helps contractors, builders, architects, engineers, franchises and other property owners avoid delays and complete their projects on schedule.

Since 2005, Alliance Permitting has worked with a wide variety of business and tackled a full-range of projects, including commercial franchise expansions, ATM rollouts, subdivision planning and industrial site improvements. Owner Marshall Chmura and the professionals at Alliance have years of permitting, licensing, government, real estate and project experience.

Our staff has developed relationships, local knowledge and institutional experience in several Southeastern states, with a focus on Florida and Georgia. By understanding the different municipal and state laws, Alliance can help any type of business build on or improve upon its property. Our staff’s detailed knowledge of a wide-range of Southeastern permitting and coding regulation will help franchises, national and regional businesses expand into several new locations while staying on schedule and ready to go.

Alliance has experience with a variety of businesses and projects. Our professionals have helped a major homebuilder plan and execute the construction of subdivisions with hundreds of homes. Alliance has worked with financial institutions to expand and improve their locations, including a major rollout of state-of-the-art ATMs. We have helped nationwide restaurant chains expand to several new locations in Florida, Georgia and the Southeast. Alliance has also helped homeowners make changes and improvements to their residential properties.

Alliance can handle any type of project or job, no matter what the size. Alliance has helped businesses with everything from major building construction, to location expansions, to simple signage changes. Our professionals have handled all aspects of the permitting applications and appeal process, rezoning issues, environmental regulations and licensing requirements. Alliance can help prepare and represent businesses in hearings and with meetings with officials. We can also help prepare residential locations for projects like septic tanks and pools.

Contact Alliance today and let one of our experienced professionals review your project and get your property ready for construction.

Permitting Your Projets

We take on the entire permitting process, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of the project.